About Us

Prince George Promise is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization whose goal is to work toward increasing the awareness of the needs of youth; build connections between groups and individuals to serve the needs of youth and transfer knowledge within the community about strategies to insure future areas of success for youth.

It is essential the community keeps its promise to invest into the lives of young people and provide every resource available to give them the tools to compete in the future.  Prince George Promise provides the wheel into which all the spokes of youth services evolves.  It helps to coordinate and promote youth programs that benefit the Prince George, VA community and the central Virginia region.


Mission Statement:   To mobilize human and financial resources to meet the physical, spiritual and recreational needs of the youth in Prince George.


Prince George Promise is a spinoff of the America’s Promise Program that was started by then-Secretary of State Colin Powell 1997. That model asked communities throughout America to make five basic promises to the youth of our country and dedicate resources to fulfilling those promises. They include

  1. Ensure that every child has an adult mentor in their life.
  2. Provide safe places for children during non-school hours.
  3. Provide a healthy start for every child.
  4. Provide marketable skills through effective education.
  5. Give children the opportunities to give back to the community through volunteering.