Prince George County Youth Awards Program

The Prince George County Outstanding Youth Awards Program celebrates excellence by recognizing youths who demonstrate exceptional character in the categories of Courage, Compassion, Leadership and Service. Additionally, the nominee must:

  • Be a resident of Prince George County;
  • Be in grades 6-12 on the date nominated.

This award program is designed to recognize youth for accomplishments that are not recognized in other reward programs. Nominations must be submitted by online form, and must be submitted by March 10, 2017. Nominees and winners will be recognized at the Outstanding Youth Awards Ceremony in April.


Award Categories


A candidate may be nominated in one of the following categories.


Excellence in courage means a voluntary willingness to act in response to a threat to achieve an important outcome or goal compared with a person of the same developmental age. Prince George Promise (PGP) acknowledges there are many forms of courage. It values most highly courage that is directed to ultimately benefit others as well as self.

Components: Free choice, risk/danger, worthy end, uncertain outcome.


Excellence in compassion means a feeling of deep empathy and respect for another who is stricken by misfortune and the strong desire to actively do something about it when compared with a person of the same developmental age.

Components: Free choice, awareness of problem, action taken, worthy end.


Excellence in leadership means guiding others with integrity, compassion and strength. It may be a spontaneous act or a consistent trait. It means inspiring others towards a shared goal and creating an environment where everyone in the group is free to contribute.

Components: Free choice, shared goal, motivated followers, worthy end.

Service to Community or School: 

Excellence in service to community or school means volunteerism well beyond the norms for the youth’s developmental age in terms of time, energy and the tasks. It means giving of oneself without consideration of self-gain.

Components: Free choice, number of hours, depth of involvement, worthy end.