Prince George County Service to Youth Awards Program

The Prince George County Awards Program celebrates excellence by recognizing adults who contribute positively to the development of youths in Prince George County. The nominee must:

  • Be involved in activity that benefits the youth of Prince George County;
  • Be older than age 18 on the date nominated;
  • Have demonstrated one or more of the following in their work with youth: Fortitude, Mentorship, Service.

The candidate need not be a resident of Prince George County so long as the above qualifications are met. 

Nominations must be submitted by online form, and must be submitted by March 10, 2017. Nominees and winners will be recognized at the Outstanding Youth Awards Ceremony in April.


Award Categories



The adult demonstrated courage, patience, persistence and ability to influence others to accomplish something very beneficial to the youth in Prince George.

Components: courage, both patience & persistence, worthy outcome. 


The adult is involved in a positive relationship between two individuals where the adult provides guidance, life experiences and wisdom in a safe and nurturing environment.

Components: Free choice, number of hours/one-on-one interactions, worthy end. 


The adult applied effort and time to benefit youths, or a special project that benefits youth, for no apparent gain to the nominee.

Components: Free choice, time invested at  little or no self-gain, worthy end.