Research paper on goods and services tax in india pdf

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research paper on goods and services tax in india pdf

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Items in Shodhganga are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Shodhganga Mirror Site. Show full item record. Goods and services tax the prospect in India.

Review on Global Implications of Goods and Service Tax and its Indian Scenario

Adhana, D. Agogo, M. Goods and Service Tax - An appraisal. Ahamad, E. London: London School of Economics.

Review on Global Implications of Goods and Service Tax and its Indian Scenario

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this barrPostingser. New User? Forgot Password? Log In Register Now! Email Password! Abstract: GST generally called the Goods and Services Tax is portrayed as the goliath winding evaluation structure planned to help and update the monetary improvement of a country.

Gaurav Malpani. GST also known as the Goods and Services Tax is defined as the giant indirect tax structure designed to support and enhances the economic growth of a country. More than countries have implemented GST so far. However, the idea of GST in India was mooted by Vajpayee government in and the constitutional amendment for the same was passed by the Lok sabha on 6th May but is yet to be ratified by the Rajya sabha. However, there is a huge hue and cry against its implementation.

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Request PDF | A Research Paper on an Impact of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on Indian Economy | GST also known as the Goods and.

Review on Global Implications of Goods and Service Tax and its Indian Scenario

It is a comprehensive, multistage, destination-based tax: comprehensive because it has subsumed almost all the indirect taxes except a few state taxes. Multi-staged as it is, the GST is imposed at every step in the production process, but is meant to be refunded to all parties in the various stages of production other than the final consumer and as a destination-based tax, it is collected from point of consumption and not point of origin like previous taxes. However, petroleum products , alcoholic drinks , and electricity are not taxed under GST and instead are taxed separately by the individual state governments , as per the previous tax system. The tax came into effect from 1 July through the implementation of the One Hundred and First Amendment of the Constitution of India by the Indian government. The GST replaced existing multiple taxes levied by the central and state governments.

R, Revathi and L. Goods and Service tax is tax regime adopted by countries over the globe in order to evade cascading of tax in the economy. India introduced GST in the year whereas many other countries implemented GST many years before in their tax system.

Goods and Services Tax (India)

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The present study examines the long-run and short-run relationship between tax structure and state-level growth performance in India for the period — The analysis in this paper is based on the model of Acosta-Ormaechea and Yoo , and for the verification of the relationship between taxation and economic growth the panel regression method is used. With the use of 14 Indian states data, Panel Pool mean group estimation indicates that income tax and commodity—service tax have negative effects whilst property and capital transaction tax have a significant positive effect on state economic growth. Based on the analysis, we conclude that for faster growth of Indian states, policymakers should give more focus on property taxes along with the reduction in income taxes. The study on the potential association between tax structure and growth performance has gathered a great deal of attention from policymakers, academicians and regulatory circles for several reasons. First, the developing and emerging economies require a large volume of tax revenues for the smooth and efficient functioning of the state at both the national and sub-national levels.

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