Oracle apps dba interview questions and answers pdf

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oracle apps dba interview questions and answers pdf

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Question 1. I am applying a patch using adpatch , can I open another session and run adadmin? Answer Yes, We can run unless you are running a process where workers are involved.

Top Oracle DBA Interview Questions and Answers

Question 1. I am applying a patch using adpatch , can I open another session and run adadmin? Answer Yes, We can run unless you are running a process where workers are involved. Question 2. I am applying a patch , can I open another session in another node and run adpatch? Answer No because it will create tables while running first session when you start the 2nd session it will fail due to the first. Related: 40 Adpatch question every DBA should know.

It has the control file. Answer Autoconfig is an ad-utility which is used to maintain application environment and configuration files. Answer Context file is a central repository, which stores all application configuration information. Answer Autoconfig will go to each and every top template directory take the templates from there and fill the values from xml file and create the required files. Related: Oracle apps Autoconfig templates location.

Answer Adconfig will create a restore. This restore. Question Answer apps. Answer In adadmin if covert to Multi org option is there, then Multi-org is not enabled.

If maintain multi-org options is there, then Multi-org is enabled. Answer If this is enabled we can store multiple organization information in a single oracle application instance. What is adodfcmp utility? Related: How to find R12 components Version. Answer Whatever part of u r oracle application u r able to see through web browser is self service. Answer socket and servlet mode in R Is apps password necessary to start all the components of oracle application?

What is a concurrent manager? What are the different types of concurrent managers? Answer 1. Internal concurrent manager — Will start all other managers and monitor. Answer Target is the no. Actual is the no. Answer It means at operating system level resources are low to accommodate the required processes for concurrent managers. Awesome 24 Concurrent Manager Interview questions.

Answer Work shifts are nothing but timings at which the concurrent manager is supposed to run. What if internal concurrent manager target and actual are not same?

Answer dbc file contain database connection information. DBC file is used by oracle applications to connect to database. Answer GSM stands for Generic service Manager, which will monitor application processes like web, forms etc and restarts any of this processes if goes down. How to find out what are the languages enabled in u r applications?

What are the problems u have faced while shutting down applications? If that request is only doing some select statement then we will kill those requests, otherwise we will check what time it will take to complete by querying the previous runs of that request and then we will decide what to do. Answer Rapid Clone is the new cloning utility introduced in Release Rapid Clone leverages the new installation and configuration technology utilized by Rapid Install.

How to clone R Answer tnsping is command used to check the connectivity to the database server node from other nodes. Note: Tns entry should be there in tnsnames. If this variable was not set then the concurrent programs may error-ed out.

Answer Maintenance mode is the adadmin option introduced from AD. When maintenance mode is enabled user may able to login to application but they only get profile option in the front end navigation menu. Is that necessary to enable maintenance mode while applying a patch? Answer We can even apply a patch without enabling maintenance mode with the following option. Answer The value of this parameter is the group of directories to which your database can write, means your database packages have permission to write to flat files in these directories.

How to validate that any application user password is correct or not from back-end? Answer Force compilation of all jsps using the following command ojspCompile. Question 5 8. What is the script to list the concurrent request status? What is the script that Lists managers that currently are running a request? How can I determine whether a template is customizable or non-customizable in Autoconfig? The above questions does not include the R I have asked all the questions from your website they given all solution with practical..

Thanks for both. Must have dba scripts for your daily activities! Oracle-apps-dba-interview-questions oracle-apps-dba-interview-questions. Date: December 16, Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions & Answers

Angular Training. Very useful question and answers thank you for sharing. I really appreciate information shared above. We have industry expert trainer. We provide Training Material and Software Support. These questions are very helpful for oracle apps DBA Experts. What's full path of this file?

This list includes characteristics of the Oracle database, roles of a Database Administrator, tools used for administering the Oracle database, comparing a cluster with a grid, the architecture of Oracle Grid Computing, and more. Many organizations are hiring Oracle DBA experts to meet their requirements and the needs and demands of their customers. In case you are looking for Oracle DBA interview questions, this is the correct place for you. What is Oracle? What is an Oracle Database? What are the roles of DBA?

Oracle DBA Interview Questions and Answers

Then we in Wisdomjobs collectively provided a detail amount of basics of Oracle and in-depth details about Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions and Answers along with the various job roles. To clear any interview, one must work hard to clear it in first attempt. So simply to save your time we have provided all the necessary details about Oracle ADF at one place. Not only these there are so many other roles to get more details visit our site www. Question 2.

Jserv sends it to Appslogin servlet. It responds to requests from clients, accepting client input and dynamically generating output. KeepAlive option would tie a worker thread to an established connection until it times out or the number of requests reaches the limit specified by MaxKeepAliveRequests. This means that the connections or users in the ListenBacklog queue would be starving for a worker until the worker is relinquished by the keep-alive user.

Q What is forms server? Explain briefly, how the connection of the forms server works? The forms server is that server which the forms are hosted.

Oracle apps dba interview questions

Explore Now! These questions and answers are suitable for both freshers and experienced professionals at any level.

Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions

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+ Oracle Apps Dba Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is FNDSM? Question2: What is iAS Patch? Question3: Explain Architecture of Oracle.

Top Answers to Oracle DBA Interview Questions

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