Installation of rpm and deb based packages pdf

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installation of rpm and deb based packages pdf

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This is a list of software package management systems , categorized first by package format binary, source code, hybrid and then by operating system family. The following package management systems distribute apps in binary package form; i. The following package management systems distribute the source code of their apps. Either the user must know how to compile the packages, or they come with a script that automates the compilation process. For example, in GoboLinux a recipe file contains information on how to download, unpack, compile and install a package using its Compile tool.

Zabbix Documentation 5.2

This is for people with no background in software development. See Preparing Software for Packaging. This is for software developers who need to package software into RPMs. See Packaging Software. See Advanced Topics.


In this article we will introduce you to alien , a tool that converts between different Linux package formats, with. This tool, even when its author is no longer maintaining it and states in his website that alien will always probably remain in experimental status, can come in handy if you need a certain type of package but can only find that program in another package format. For example, alien saved my day once when I was looking for a. I installed alien, converted the package, and before long I was able to use my printer without issues. That said, we must clarify that this utility should not be used to replace important system files and libraries since they are set up differently across distributions.

The tools to manage software packages on these systems are yum and rpm. Here you see how to obtain a list of all installed packages on a Debian server. Today Debian and many Debian-based distributions still actively support apt-get, If time permits, search for and install samba including the samba docs pdf files​.

List of software package management systems

Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. It only takes a minute to sign up. An app required me to install RPM package to install. But as far as I know, there is another software called "alien".

Most Linux distributions have a package management system with online repositories containing thousands of packages. This makes it very easy to install and remove applications, operating system components, documentation and much more. We first discuss the Debian package format.

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Introduction to Debian Packaging

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