Relational database design and sql objective questions and answers pdf

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relational database design and sql objective questions and answers pdf

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Relational Algebra is a procedural query language which takes relations as an input and returns relation as an output. Relational database structure and terminology - Quiz. See what you know about these databases quickly by using the quiz and worksheet, which are mobile-friendly. It probably works on other systems too.

300+ TOP Database Management System Questions and Answers

This section of interview questions and answers focuses on "Database Management System". One shall practice these interview questions to improve their concepts for various interviews such as campus interviews, walk-in interviews, company interviews, placements, entrance exams and other competitive exams. Explanation: The term "DDL" stands for Data Definition Language, used to perform all other essential tasks such as deleting relation and related schemas in defining the structure relation. Explanation: The Query given in option D does not contain the "from" clause, which specifies the relation from which the values have to be selected or fetched. Therefore the correct answer is D.

Collection of interrelated data B. Collection of programs to access data C. Collection of data describing one particular enterprise D. All of the above. Which of the following is not a level of data abstraction? Physical Level B. Critical Level C.

I do not know how to do it. Answer: A. A record is a collection of fields and presented as a row in a table of database. Question 1. Practice these MCQ questions and answers for preparation of various competitive and entrance exams. Our Oracle DBA Questions and answers are very simple and have more examples for your better understanding.

database management system questions and answers pdf

Functional Dependencies and Normalization. In the non-procedural query language, the user is concerned with the details of how to obtain the end results. Relational Algebra and Calculus - Question and Answer. Network Model 11 A. Choose your answer and check it with the given correct answer. In Domain Relational Calculus, a query is expressed as,

Here you can find Database interview questions with answers and explanation. I am designing database for a quiz, and I am stuck. Question 1. A database is a logically coherent collection of data with some inherent meaning, representing some aspect of real world and which is designed, built and populated with data for a specific purpose. The interviewers will also ask you to analyze a hypothetical problem and enumerate various possible data architecture solutions.

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Database management system multiple choice questions and answers page contain 5 questions from chapter Relational DBMS. Each objective question has 4 possible answers. Choose your answer and check it with the given correct answer. View Answer Comment.

Those who score great in it stands higher on the merit. A A number of tuples. B A number of attributes.

Database Questions and Answers

RDBMS Questions and Answers

Answer : e a Ans: A super key is a set of attributes of a relation schema upon which all attributes of the schema are functionally dependent. All of the above, Internal Level d. Right to Left, Record controller n C.

Database quick study guide includes terminology definitions in self-teaching guide from computer science textbooks on chapters:. Multiple choice questions and answers on data modeling: entity relationship model MCQ questions PDF covers topics: Introduction to data modeling, ER diagrams, ERM types constraints, conceptual data models, entity types, sets, attributes and keys, relational database management system, relationship types, sets and roles, UML class diagrams, and weak entity types. Multiple choice questions and answers on database concepts and architecture MCQ questions PDF covers topics: Client server architecture, data independence, data models and schemas, data models categories, database management interfaces, database management languages, database management system classification, database management systems, database system environment, relational database management system, relational database schemas, schemas instances and database state, and three schema architecture.

"Relational Database Design" multiple choice questions and answers PDF, RDBMS Interview Questions and Answers MCQs · Introduction to SQL MCQs.

Set:- 2 MCQ on DBMS.

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