National policy on occupational safety and health in nigeria pdf

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national policy on occupational safety and health in nigeria pdf

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European Scientific Journal, 3.


Download PDF list of licensed Recruiters. Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment. Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie road,. Ikoyi Lagos. Federal Secretariat, Phase I,.

Usman Abubakar 1,2. The study looks at each of the five OSH regulatory and enforcement models against a range of performance themes with a view to uncovering strategic lessons for Nigeria and other developing nations. The study identifies some of the potential drivers behind the developments of the different OSH management frameworks. Even though Nigeria is used as a reference case study, the observations and conclusions drawn are generic and applicable to typical developing countries. Although Nigeria is working to implement a new and more comprehensive OSH law, i.

FEC approves new National Policy on Occupational Safety 2020

Research Visit Spain September Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Abstract This Paper examines the enforcement of occupational safety and health OSH regulations; it validates the state of enforcement of OSH regulations by extracting the salient issues that influence enforcement of OSH regulations in Nigeria. Sadly enough, the impact of the enforcement authority is ineffective, as the key stakeholders pay less attention to OSH regulations; thus, rendering the OSH scheme dysfunctional and unenforceable, at the same time impeding OSH development. For optimum OSH in Nigeria, maximum enforcement and compliance with the regulations must be in place. This paper, which is based on conceptual analysis, reviews literature gathered through desk literature search. It identified issues to OSH enforcement such as: political influence, bribery and corruption, insecurity, lack of governmental commitment, inadequate legislation inter alia.

Health and Safety

Start Browse by Day Author Index. Introduction Nigeria with a population of million and a total land area of , square kilometres, Nigeria is the fourth largest country in Africa. Sales, services and agriculture are the most common occupations among both men and women. Occupational health can still be described as rudimentary and evolving in the country.

This article discusses some of the currently specific concerns and issues relating to occupational health in the developing world and elsewhere. The general technical subjects common to both the developed and the developing world e. In addition to the developing countries, some of the emerging occupational health issues of the Eastern European nations too have been addressed separately in this chapter. It is estimated that by the year eight out of ten workers in the global workforce will be from the developing world, demonstrating the need to focus on the occupational health priority needs of these nations.

Free Protection

An employer is required to protect the health and safety of workers at the workplace in accordance with the provisions of Factories Act and Labour Law. It is obligatory for the employer, under employment contract to provide safe system and place of work and to take measures to ensure the safety of the worker. Generally, these health and safety laws are applicable only to factories. It is the duty of the employer to ensure cleanliness in the factory, factories must not be overcrowded during the work. There must be proper ventilation, lighting. Employer must ensure safety of worker from injury to their health and dangers of work and machinery by providing safe workplace and work equipment; by complying with the conditions of health, safety and occupational health; and ensuring that machines and work equipment are installed and kept in safe conditions.

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