Distillery wastewater treatment and disposal pdf

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distillery wastewater treatment and disposal pdf

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Distilleries are among the most polluting industries because ethanol fermentation results in the discharge of large quantities of high-strength liquid effluents with high concentrations of organic matter and nitrogen compounds, low pH, high temperature, dark brown color, and high salinity. The most common method of managing this wastewater distillery stillage is to use it for soil conditioning, but this requires thickening the wastewater and may cause soil pollution due to its high nitrogen content. Therefore, treatment of distillery stillage is preferable. This review discusses individual biological and physico-chemical treatment methods and combined technologies. In addition, special attention is paid to valorization of distillery stillage, which is a valuable source of polysaccharides and volatile fatty acids VFAs , as well as natural antioxidants, including polyphenols and other bioactive compounds of interest to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries.

Wastewater districts typically have rules and regulations stating what, and how much of different materials they will accept in their system. Every locality is different, so contact your local wastewater treatment authority to find your specific rules and regulations. In fact, one of the methods we sometimes use for secondary containment see other blogs about secondary containment is to have it go down the drain into the sanitary sewer system. This is the safest method of containment if the liquid is on fire, because it will be put out at the trap, taken away from the building, and mixed with more water in the waste stream. Some wastewater facilities might be able to handle this. Smaller facilities might hit their capacity, larger ones might not make as big of an impact. In talking with the jurisdiction, they must understand a spill like this is an accidental emergency only, and they authority should be warned it is coming to them if it does happen.

PDF | Distilleries wastewater is an important environmental problem due to its high BOD and COD citric acid produces tons of waste per ton of citric acid.

Industrial wastewater treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment describes the processes used for treating wastewater that is produced by industries as an undesirable by-product. After treatment, the treated industrial wastewater or effluent may be reused or released to a sanitary sewer or to a surface water in the environment. Most industries produce some wastewater.

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Distillery Stillage: Characteristics, Treatment, and Valorization

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Industrial wastewater treatment


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