Infant and young child feeding guidelines 2010 pdf

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infant and young child feeding guidelines 2010 pdf

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Jump to navigation. In , infant and young child feeding practices were assessed using the WHO assessment protocol and rated poor to fair. Findings showed four out of ten newborns were initiated to breastfeeding within an hour after birth, three out of ten infants less than six months were exclusively breastfed and the median duration of breastfeeding was only thirteen months.

The Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding provided a framework for action in 10 areas, and identified the need to assess the implementation of policies and programmes in order to identify gaps and to take action to bridge them. The WBT i has been introduced in 81 countries and 40 of these had completed their assessment by April Their findings point out specific gaps in both the policy and programmes in all 10 areas of action identified by the tool. This shows that countries need to work in a co-ordinated manner, with clear plans and committed financial resources, to address gaps in all 10 areas of action. This can result in strong advocacy efforts as well as consensus-based action for the effective implementation of the Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding to enhance rates of optimal feeding practices.

Policy content and stakeholder network analysis for infant and young child feeding in India

Metrics details. However, poor IYCF practices are still apparent, associated with pervasive high rates of child under-nutrition. Interventions to improve IYCF need augmentation by appropriate policy support to consolidate gains. The aim of this study was to identify opportunities to strengthen and support IYCF policies through a policy content and stakeholder network analysis. IYCF policies and guidelines were systematically mapped and coded using predetermined themes.

Policy content and stakeholder network analysis for infant and young child feeding in India

Background: Adequate nutrition during infancy and early childhood is essential to ensure the health, growth and development of children. The objective of this study was to assess infant and young child feeding practice among mothers with months children as per WHO criteria. Methods: It was a cross sectional study, involving mixed methodology quantitative method supplemented by qualitative method in-depth interview among respondents from 1 st May to 31 st August Results: In quantitative method: 49 In qualitative method:

PDF | The first National Guidelines on Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) were formulated by Ministry of Women and Child Development (Food and | Find​.

Infant and young child feeding guidelines, 2016

What is the problem? Emergencies responses are often characterized by large influxes of unsolicited donations of breastmilk substitutes, bottles, teats, and other baby food and milk products. What can be done? Breastfeeding plays a vital role in emergencies, protecting infant and young child survival, health and development, as well as maternal health and the bonding between mother and baby, so precious in difficult situations. Yet protection promotion and support of breastfeeding is lacking in emergencies, and humanitarian agencies lack information and training on how to protect promote and support breastfeeding, as well as how to support non breastfed children while not undermining breastfeeding.

Shaping up the post development agenda is of crucial importance in the development process around the Globe as was the last year of milllionium development goals. It is the right time to asses our own progress vis-a-vis the Millennium Development Goals and these Guidelines are an attempt in that regard. To formulate, endorse, adopt and disseminate guidelines related to Infant and Young Child feeding from an Indian perspective including human milk banking, infant feeding in the HIV situation, and micro-nutrients. Early initiation of breastfeeding within first hour of birth, exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months followed by continued breastfeeding for up to two years and beyond with appropriate complementary foods after completion of 6 months is the most appropriate feeding strategy.

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