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fixed and variable capacitors pdf

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They comprise fixed and flexible electrodes. Deformation, or actuation, of the flexible electrode changes the capacitance of the capacitor. This way, electrical properties of high frequency circuits can be modified.

Capacitor Types: Types of Capacitor

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Variable Capacitor Construction, Working Types and Uses

Capacitors are manufactured in many forms, styles, lengths, girths, and from many materials. They all contain at least two electrical conductors called "plates" separated by an insulating layer called the dielectric. Capacitors are widely used as parts of electrical circuits in many common electrical devices. Capacitors, together with resistors and inductors , belong to the group of " passive components " used in electronic equipment. Although, in absolute figures, the most common capacitors are integrated capacitors e. Small capacitors are used in electronic devices to couple signals between stages of amplifiers, as components of electric filters and tuned circuits, or as parts of power supply systems to smooth rectified current.

Capacitors are devices that store electrical energy. In this lesson, we will explore the various types of capacitors, how they work, and how to.

Variable Capacitor Construction, Working Types and Uses

At Wurth Electronics Midcom, we carry a variety of capacitors to suit your design needs. Read on to learn all about capacitors, including the different types of capacitors, popular capacitor products from Wurth Electronics Midcom, our special ABC of Capacitors design guide, and upcoming webinars on capacitors. Around two-thirds of the entire passive component market volume is attributed to capacitors.

Capacitors are manufactured in their millions each day, but there are several different capacitor types that are available. Each type of capacitor has its own advantages and disadvantages can be used in different applications. Accordingly it is necessary to know a little about each capacitor type so that the correct one can be chosen for any given use or application.

A trimmer capacitor is a type of variable capacitor a capacitor that can have its capacitance manually adjusted by changing the positioning of the two conductive plates. It is meant to fine-tune the capacitance set by the larger capacitors in the circuit. Trimmer capacitors have two main applications. When all fixed components are placed in a circuit, the resulting capacitance is often not precisely what was expected. If accuracy is vital, then the trimmer capacitors can be used to tweak the final capacitance value to the desired value.


Year of fee payment : 4. Year of fee payment : 8. A charge storage device having a capacitance that is variable by alteration of the relative permittivity of the dielectric positioned between conductive electrodes within the device. The device consists of two conductive plates sandwiching a conductive grid, typically embedded within a dielectric material. Charging the grid with a negative or positive potential changes the value of the dielectric constant the relative permittivity and thereby changes the capacitance of the device.

Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Advertisement Hide. Reference work entry First Online: 02 February Capacitors We use capacitors to storecharge, or to conduct current linearly with the rate-of-change of voltage across them.


  • an electric field is called the dielectric constant. Capacitance is directly proportional FIGURE Schematic symbol for a variable capacitor. Thomas L. Floyd. Celeste B. - 02.04.2021 at 14:16