Carburetor parts and function pdf

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carburetor parts and function pdf

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July 25, Automobile Leave a comment. Internal combustion engines mix fuel right, do you know this mixture takes place in the carburetor. Well, the component is often called the heart of an automobile engine but of old model version.

Carburetor: Definition, Parts, Types, Working Principle, Function (With PDF)

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In this post, we will discuss what is Solex Carburetor and How it works? This carburetor is used in may European automobile industries. Solex carburetors widely used by many European makers also used in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Solex carburetor is a down draught type carburetor. It consists of the devices for starting, idling normal running and acceleration.

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A carburetor American English [1] or carburettor British English [2] [3] is a device that mixes air and fuel for internal combustion engines in an appropriate air—fuel ratio for combustion. The term is sometimes colloquially shortened to carb in the UK and North America or to carby in Australia. Fuel injection technology has largely supplanted carburetors in the automotive and, to a lesser extent, aviation industries. Carburetors are still common in small engines for lawn mowers , rototillers , and other equipment. The word carburetor comes from the French carbure meaning " carbide ". In fuel chemistry, the term has the more specific meaning of increasing the carbon and therefore energy content of a fluid by mixing it with a volatile hydrocarbon.

The main functions of a carburetor are​​ It also regulates the air-fuel ratio. Increase or decrease the amount of mixture according to the engine speed and load changing. To keep certain head of fuel in the float chamber all the time. Vaporize the fuel and mix to air to a homogeneous air-fuel mixture.

Solex Carburetor: Parts, Types & Working Principle with Diagram

Glad you liked it. A simple carburetor has many limitations. Industries using new carburetors available in the market to tackle this situation. No one uses this carburetor nowadays. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Carburetor , also spelled carburettor , device for supplying a spark-ignition engine with a mixture of fuel and air.

solex carburetor manual

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