Introduction to banking and financial services pdf

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introduction to banking and financial services pdf

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Introduction to Banking and Financial Markets

Learners enrolled: Rapid industrialization and the exponential increase in business and trade resulted in the need for businesses and governments to raise more capital money to sustain their growth. That eco-system of banks and financial markets including Central Banks has deepened in size, sophistication and complexity over the years. Consequently, the benefits of a robust eco-system of banking and financial markets facilitated and overseen by a strong Central Bank, are real and visible in most countries. The theory and concepts underlying Banking and Financial Markets The products and instruments that are offered by Banks and Financial Markets to meet the financial needs of individuals, businesses and governments The underlying market mechanisms and how the financial instruments are traded i.

History of banking

A bank is a financial institution which accepts deposits, pays interest on pre-defined rates, clears checks, makes loans, and often acts as an intermediary in financial transactions. It also provides other financial services to its customers. Bank management governs various concerns associated with bank in order to maximize profits. The concerns broadly include liquidity management, asset management, liability management and capital management. We will discuss these areas in later chapters.

A bank is a financial institution that accepts deposits from the public and creates a demand deposit while simultaneously making loans. Banks play an important role in financial stability and the economy of a country, most jurisdictions exercise a high degree of regulation over banks. Most countries have institutionalized a system known as fractional reserve banking , under which banks hold liquid assets equal to only a portion of their current liabilities. In addition to other regulations intended to ensure liquidity , banks are generally subject to minimum capital requirements based on an international set of capital standards, the Basel Accords. Banking in its modern sense evolved in the fourteenth century in the prosperous cities of Renaissance Italy but in many ways functioned as a continuation of ideas and concepts of credit and lending that had their roots in the ancient world.

Banking & Financial Markets

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Scheduled & Non-Scheduled Banks

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Financial Services in India


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