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tractor and farm equipment pdf

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Modern farmers have a huge range of equipment options for the various activities they do on an annual basis. From high-tech combine harvesters to simple tractors, the various kinds of farm equipment available can meet the needs of small-scale homesteaders and industrial-size farming operations alike. However, it can be difficult to keep track of all the options. New farmers especially may wonder what the different types of farming machinery are for. For small- and mid-size farms especially, determining the different types of farming machinery you may need to make your operations more efficient can be frustrating.

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There is error while submitting your request. Please try again. Does the thought of spending a sunny Saturday afternoon in December at an auction for farm equipment sound like a good time to you?

If so, you must be a farmer. When you shop for agricultural machinery, auctions, dealerships and estate sales seem like playgrounds.

Tractor There never was a more broad category of farm equipment than this one. If only choosing a tractor were as simple as choosing a color—though many farmers with brand allegiance will tell you it is. Tractors one of which is pictured above are available in sizes appropriate for farmers with 1 acre all the way up to those working 1, acres or more. As versatile as these pieces of farm equipment are, a tractor is a pretty common-sense purchase for small-scale farmers. You want one that has the right amount of horsepower and the right hitch rating for the work you plan to do with it.

You truly do walk behind it, as the name implies, and you can use a range of attachments: hay baler, rototiller, snow blower, bed shaper, seeder, wagon and so on.

They can tow small trailers, and you can get attachments for many models. Consider whether you need to pull a trailer, make long trips, put a cap on the bed or drive it through your fields. Once you know what kind of tasks you expect your truck to perform, you can find the right size and look at the makes and models available to you.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, it might also be a large, four-wheel wooden piece of farm equipment designed for moving hay. There are wagons at many levels in between, too, and numerous uses for wagons aside from hauling hay. Need something more heavy duty? Backhoes can be purchased as separate hydraulic implements for some tractor types. According to the Louisiana State University Ag Center, most backhoe attachments are designed to dig as deep as 10 feet.

And remember, you may have to buy a bucket, too—those are a few hundred dollars. Not all tractors are equipped to handle a front-end loader, but if yours is, you can dig, move bulky items including loose things such as soil and manure , lift heavy items and equipment, and perform some land-grading tasks. In particular, cultivators are used for weed control before planting into a bed, as well as incorporating crop or weed residues and preparing a seed bed.

Cultivator tines can be properly spaced to be used in a garden bed or crop field after plants are growing to remove the weeds from around the plants. It takes someone with a steady hand to drive the tractor in a straight line and not hit the vegetable plants with the cultivator. Following up broadcast seeding with a cultipacker pass will press the seeds into the soil. Select the right combination of plows for your farm based on your soil type, your type of crop production and the condition of the land.

Moldboard plows: These are most often used on land that has not been in crop production before or has been fallow for a long time. The large wings of the plow are designed to cut into and turn over all of the soil in an area.

Chisel Plow: This has long shanks that turn over the soil to a depth of 12 inches. Chisel plowing after applying a soil amendment can incorporate the amendment to 3 to 4 inches, and crop residues that are turned over during the plowing are concentrated in that soil depth, as well, according to Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service.

Harrows are also handy for breaking up manure in the pasture and smoothing out riding-ring surfaces. Expected Price: The most basic drag harrows are available for a couple of hundred dollars. Small-scale farmers can find plastic mulch layer attachments for their walk-behind tractors and for low-horsepower tractors.

A ream of plastic is mounted on the implement, discs shape the planting bed, and a series of wheels and wings lay the plastic flat along the bed.

Expected Price: Plastic mulch layers attachments for tractors range in the thousands of dollars though you can pick up a walk-behind tractor attachment for less than a grand , so be sure plasticulture is for you before making an investment.

Backpack-size sprayers and walk-behind sprayers are hand operated, while farmers who have several acres of crops should use a tractor- or ATV-mounted and operated sprayer.

Unless you plan to stand in your garden or field with a hose a few nights each week, plan to get an irrigation system. This could be as simple as a soaker hose connected to your outdoor spigot or as complicated as multi-level drip-irrigation system. They are most often used for row crops such as grains , cover crops, and grasses or forage.

There are no-till seed drills and traditional seed drills. No-Till Drills No-till drills have coulter blades—a means of cutting through the existing crop residue—that create a clear path for planting seeds. Traditional Seed Drills Traditional seed drills generally require tilling or planting-area preparation before seeding because traditional seed drills do not have coulters to cut through the residue. Each model has its own broadcast area, and this is usually adjustable.

There are also handheld transplanters, which let you put transplants into the ground without bending over and digging in the dirt. Different models use either foot action or hand action to activate a lever inside the transplanter, which allows the plant to drop into the hole in the ground that this tool has made—no crawling required. For farmers approaching 10 acres of vegetables, a waterwheel or other tractor-pulled transplanter might be worth a look. Tractor-pulled transplanters cost a couple of thousand dollars and more.

If you make hay, do you want a sickle-bar mower, a drum mower or a disc also called a rotary mower? For larger areas or wild areas, are brush mowers , batwing mowers or flail mowers right for you? As a landowner, you need at least one mower—if not a combination of mowers—among your farm equipment collection. Quality hay-making equipment is a larger investment.

According to Penn State University, the scythe is gaining in popularity again among small-scale farmers. Sickles are less efficient than scythes, as far as hand-operated cutting tools go, but they can be useful in small applications. Rakes Flickr Rakes are necessary pieces of farm equipment if you make hay. Wheel rakes, parallel-bar rakes, rotary rakes and belt rakes are pulled behind a tractor, and each have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the quality of the hay-cutting job, the moisture content of the hay and the equipment-storage area available to you.

Expected Price: Rakes vary greatly in price, starting in the low thousands of dollars for new. Round balers pick up hay from the field and roll it into round bales, then wrap it with netting or twine.

Square balers are available in various sizes. The right square baler for your farm depends on how much acreage you bale. You can find balers that tie bales in twine, in wire or in both. A bale thrower is an add-on that makes stacking your bales on the wagon a whole lot easier. Large square balers are designed for large farms. Unless you bale hundreds of acres, standard square bales or round bales are probably better options for you.

Even with just an acre of grain crop, a combine is the most efficient means of getting it out of the field. Tractor-powered harvesters start around several thousand dollars. Actual combine machinery used by industrial farms costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Manure spreaders are especially popular on horse farms. Read about proper manure-spreading techniques to prevent the spread of parasites and pollution from manure runoff. Expected Price: Manure spreaders are available from very small 8 cubic feet for hobby-farm use to very large cubic feet for industrial farms and require a tractor or ATV appropriate for their size.

Benefits are being able to grow a lot of food in a small space, using less water than soil-cultivated gardens, growing indoors and generally faster plant growth. Downsides are making major investments in hydroponics equipment, finding the plants that do well growing without soil, and having a learning curve of how much and what type of inputs your plants need.

More elaborate systems run well into the tens of thousands of dollars. There is no way to read an article and know exactly what farm equipment you need for your small-scale farm.

Using this list, you can start to make your agricultural-machinery wish list, develop your equipment budget and start shopping around. During the winter, she travels to warm climates to learn about farming in other parts of the world. Follow her on Instagram: www. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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John Deere This will also enable them to select appropriate machinery, use, repair and maintain the same. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. An effective program will reduce losses of equipment, decrease operational down time and extend the life of state boiler and machinery and other equipment. Poultry farming equipment manufacturers in modern society produce more and more advanced chicken farming equipment. Other Non-Current Liabilities Ad

Agricultural equipment is any kind of machinery used on a farm to help with farming. The best-known example of this kind is the tractor. Coffee bean Harvester, Mareeba, Queensland , Australia. Media related to Agricultural machines at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Main article: Agricultural machinery.

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