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trudy and max in love pdf

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Zoe Kazan's Play Trudy and Max in Love Manages to Be Both Familiar and Enlightening (GO!)

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Review: ‘Trudy and Max in Love’s’ amorous, adulterous journey

Sure, it feels great in the beginning, but like any addiction it robs you of yourself. A study of an adulterous relationship, from its tentative beginnings to its unsurprising conclusion, the play has the contemporary sheen of a premium cable drama. Kazan, an actor and writer of famous lineage her grandfather is that Kazan , is very good at etching the lineaments of a storybook urban milieu. But though this fable wrestles honestly and intelligently with the fiction of happy endings, the dramatic stakes are small for everyone but the self-absorbed title characters. A year-old novelist who moved from Los Angeles to bohemian Brooklyn, Max seductively played by Michael Weston is both attractive and suspiciously single. The two whisper flirtatious banter about coffee. Cupid strikes a direct hit, but the course of love will not run smoothly for all the obvious reasons.

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Trudy and Max in Love. Zoe Kazan. Author bio(s).

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