A model of creativity and innovation in organizations pdf

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a model of creativity and innovation in organizations pdf

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How relevant is their research to the practical challenges leaders face? In this article, the authors present highlights of the research presented and the discussion of its implications.

Based on a review of the reported theoretical advances that are affirmed by empirical works from published management practice, this paper finds that innovation is an outcome of an intentional and designed effort of the organization, and synthesizes the findings for enhancing creativity and innovation by developing three antecedents that positively influence innovation in organizations: 1 the garnered knowledge, 2 the presence of a knowledge-supporting culture, and 3 the accumulation of social capital. The paper also provides a summary of transferable management practices that organizations are employing to enhance innovation and productivity. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Ahuja G and Lampert CM Entrepreneurship in the large corporation: a longitudinal study of how established firms create breakthrough inventions. Strategic Management Journal 32 6—7 , —

Creativity and the Role of the Leader

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Early research on creativity centered, to a large extent, on discovering and describing the nature of creative people e. While noteworthy in its own right, its nearly exclusive focus on the individual level of analysis eclipsed more macro explanations of creativity Slappendel, Amabile, working with her colleagues e. In general, scholars in the field have followed this approach, and multilevel models of creativity in organizations are now emerging. Glynn presented a theoretical model that related intelligence at both the individual and organizational levels to creativity, and Ford integrated multiple levels of analysis to explain engagement in creative behavior. Oldham and Cummings , in a rare and important empirical test, demonstrated that factors at multiple levels of analysis i. Drazin and Schoonhoven urged the development of multilevel models that link a firm's strategic focus to the behavior of its senior managers and, in turn, to individuals' commitment to the creative process.


Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Amabile, T. Research in Organizational Behavior, 10, ABSTRACT: In the current era of ongoing dynamic business developments and advancements, any company that wishes to succeed needs to sustain an innovative culture in order to keep its position in the front line of competition. However, being creative and innovative in a production and manufacturing environment is challenging due to the organizational characteristics derive from a hierarchical structure in which systematic procedures are strictly followed. In this paper, we present a model for creating a sustainable culture of creativity and innovation in a manufacturing organization and we demonstrate the use of this model in a leading production company in the defense industry. The model explains the initiation phase that motivates employees to explore new opportunities and the maintenance phase that forms a sustainable infrastructure, which are integrated into a coherent foundation for continuous improvement and excellence.

Penelitian dilakukan untuk mengetahui gambaran mengenai hubungan antara psychological capital dan perilaku kerja inovatif di industri kreatif perusahaan XYZ. Hal ini didasari oleh perkembangan industri kreatif yang mengalami peningkatan pada beberapa tahun belakangan, sehingga dibutuhkannya inovasi. Pendekatan psychological capital dapat dilakukan untuk unggul dalam kompetisi berkelanjutan yang didasarkan pada fakta bahwa kebanyakan organisasi saat ini tidak menyadari potensi penuh dari sumber daya manusianya. Partisipan penelitian berjumlah karyawan perusahaan XYZ. Abbas, M.

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PDF | Creativity and innovation in any organization are vital to its successful performance. The authors review the rapidly growing body of.


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