Royal commission on electoral reform and party financing pdf

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royal commission on electoral reform and party financing pdf

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Royal Commission on Electoral Reform and Party Financing

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This paper provides an overview of the nature and operation of the Canadian electoral system, 1 with a focus on elections for the federal Parliament. In keeping with Canada's federal system of government, each province has its own system for elections to its legislatures. The federal and provincial electoral processes are independent of each other. Canadian electoral law has grown in complexity and is constantly evolving. The current electoral system is the result of cumulative changes in both law and practice that have been taking place since the formation of Canada in

Ethical considerations regarding public opinion polling during election campaigns

Commercial public opinion polling is an increasingly important element in practically all elections in democratic countries around the world. Poll results and pollsters are relatively new and autonomous voices in our human communities. Here I try to connect such polling directly to morality and democratic processes. Several arguments have been and might be used for and against banning such polling during elections, i. I present the arguments on both sides of this issue, and try to show that there are reasonable responses to all the arguments in favour of banning polls. Then I review some proposed Canadian legislation concerning banning polls and, alternatively, requiring disclosure of methodological features of polls. Finally, I offer a model set of disclosure standards for the publication of poll results during election campaigns.

Commissions of Inquiry

If you have any questions or comments regarding the accessibility of this publication, please contact us at accessible parl. The Committee is pleased to table this report pursuant to the Order of Reference of November 25, from the House of Commons:. That, further to the Address in Reply to the Speech from the Throne, the House instruct the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs to recommend a process that engages citizens and parliamentarians in an examination of our electoral system with a review of all options.

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Commissions of Inquiry

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