Importance of assure model in teaching and learning pdf

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importance of assure model in teaching and learning pdf

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ASSURE: Instructional Design Model

ASSURE is an instructional design model that has the goal of producing more effective teaching and learning. The following is a breakdown of each step.

The first step in the process is that the teacher should analyze the attributes of her learners. There should be a focus on those learner characteristics which are associated with the learning outcomes desired. The information gathered will help you in the decisions that you make with respect to the other steps in the process.

When you determine the character of the learners, it will guide you in choosing specific strategies and resources to aid the learning process. After the analysis of the learner attributes, the teacher must state standards and objectives for the learning module. This statement consists of a specification of what the learners will be able to do as a result of the instruction.

To be more concrete about things, this statement will focus on what the learner will know or be able to do as a result of the instruction. An example of this is with medical students. The learners will be able to name at least two databases and two search techniques that they can use to locate medical evidence for particular cases. The objectives can be used in assessing the success of the students, perhaps for the grading process.

Also, you can use them to let the learners know what they will accomplish through the class. The mark of a good set of learning objectives is conformity to the ABCDs of well-stated learning objectives. They are as follows:. The objectives statement should be formulated with verbs that pinpoint the learning objective.

A learner may know some material backwards and forwards but may not be able to perform well on a test. First, you should figure out what which delivery method will be best for your instruction.

For instance, what proportion of your instruction will be instructor-centered and what proportion of will be student-centered? The first of these are strategies such as lecture, demonstration or showing a video. The second are strategies such as group discussion or cooperative group work. Common sense weighs in on the side of learner-centered strategies. Learning becomes more exciting when there is more class participation. However, there will be a certain amount of crucial information and technique that the teacher must give over and demonstrate.

Learning is at its best when the teacher merely leads the student into discovering the correct answer to a problem themselves. An effective teacher is merely a facilitator to the process of learning. This ranges from simple tools such as chalk and blackboard to more sophisticated ones such as power-point presentations. What must be remembered is that the instructor is the essential ingredient in giving over the material. Fancy tools are useful, but it ultimately boils down to having someone who knows more than what the textbook contains.

This step in the ASSURE process concerns making a plan as to how you will utilize the technology, media, and materials that you have selected. As with all of the instructional steps, you must make sure that your plans contribute towards producing the objectives that you have laid down. Make sure that the whole lesson will go smoothly and seamlessly. You need to gather together all of the things that you will need to teach your lesson.

They must be working properly. There is some minimal preparation required to set up the learning environment. Simple things like making sure that you have enough desks are important. Also, if you have control over the situation, you should make sure that there are no sources of noise that will disturb the students. First, you need to clearly inform the learners as to what the learning objectives are. This will help the learners create a mental map of what they need to absorb.

You need to tell them what their assignments will be, how they will be graded, if there are tests, etc. Also, you should explain to the students what the benefits of learning the material are.

You then actually carry out the lesson. This is where all of your planning takes effect. You should be prepared to carry out the lesson with every prior step of the process in mind.

This will insure your success as a teacher. This step actually belongs within earlier steps. It requires that you make plans to how you are going to actively engage your students in the material that you are teaching. This needs to be figured out both at the class level and the individual level.

The most basic step that you can take is requiring participation of the students in class discussions. A more sophisticated approach would require that students prepare questions and comments at home to bring into the class.

You might try even allowing individual students to lead classes or discussions in the style of a seminar. Beyond this, you need to plan exactly how the students will participate in the learning process generally speaking. How will they learn the information and techniques included in a lesson? This plan needs to be more specific than just saying that they will listen and absorb the material. Maybe you will encourage a specific kind of note-taking or other learning strategies.

In this step, you evaluate the impact of your teaching on student learning. This includes an evaluation of your teaching strategies and the technology, media, and materials that you used. The following questions are useful to ask during this evaluation:. The final step in your evaluation should focus on feedback from your students. Was their experience positive overall? Do they feel that they have reached your objectives and their own personal objectives? How will you determine whether or not your performance was effective?

However, it is good to follow a regimented guide to improve your teaching technique. Any effective teacher knows that the perfection of their technique does not come overnight, and there is always room for improvement. Learn more This fully online program is designed for individuals interested in learning more about the ADDIE model. You will explore traditional instructional design models and the progression of the learning design approach to creating online learning experiences.

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The Instructional Design Models That Best Fit – ASSURE Model

By Anthony M. Therefore, the ASSURE model guide was suggested which identifies six major steps in an instructional planning process. ASSURE model is a procedural guide for planning and delivering instructions that integrates technology and media into the teaching process. It also refers to a systematic approach of writing lesson plans that helps teachers in organizing instructional procedures. This model encompasses six major steps in an instructional planning process:.

Therefore, mathematical communication becomes an important ability to be The third is selecting methods, media and teaching materials (select Several learning models can support the learning design of ASSURE to.

6 Tips To Apply The ASSURE Model In Blended Learning

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You can use this process in writing your lesson plans and in improving teaching and learning. Nothing you plan or design is effective unless you have taken the time to look at the learners. That means that by understanding where the learners are at the start of instruction, a teacher will make every effort to assist all learners to be successful in their learning endeavors. This new direction supports my position about knowing the learner. I feel that knowing as much as possible about your learners is critical to design and implementation of instruction.

In the process of scaffolding, the teacher helps the student master a task or concept that the student is initially unable to grasp independently. Of great importance is allowing the student to complete as much of the task as possible, unassisted. The teacher only attempts to help the student with tasks that are just beyond his current capability. Student errors are expected, but, with teacher feedback and prompting, the student is able to achieve the task or goal.

Its main perspective is on how to integrate media any kind of media into instruction in a method capable of producing the desired learning outcomes. It is a well-known instructional design guide that uses the constructivist perspective, which integrates multimedia and technology to enhance the learning environment Lefebvre Teachers prefer the ASSURE model because it is designed to be used for a few hours of instruction and for each individual student.

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Source: Smaldino, S. Instructional technology and media for learning 9th edition. For effective instruction to take place, careful planning is required. The first step in planning is to specifically define your audience. You must know the learners if you are to select the best strategies to meet the objectives you have set.

ASSURE is an instructional design model that has the goal of producing more effective teaching and learning.


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