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song of ice and fire maps pdf

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Martin began writing the series in and the first volume was published in Originally planned as a trilogy, the series now consists of five published volumes; a further two are planned. In addition there are three prequel novellas currently available, with several more being planned, and a series of novella-length excerpts from the main Ice and Fire novels. The story of A Song of Ice and Fire takes place in a fictional world , primarily on a continent called Westeros but also on a large landmass to the east, known as Essos.

The Lands of Ice and Fire – the maps of Game of Thrones

All libraries remain closed to the public until further notice. Library To Go service is available at selected libraries. Their atlases of American cities were originally created to inform fire insurance companies of risks in urban areas but ended up tracing the subtle change from an agrarian society to a nation of cities. The hefty atlases produced by D. Sanborn from the s to show changes from block to block like no other cartographic resource and open up our knowledge of what our cities looked like before this modern age.

The original sheets of the atlases changed with the times as clerks pasted strips of paper over sites that changed in any way and streets or neighborhoods transformed the landscape. In the case of our own Los Angeles, the Sanborn maps show us a booming city which grew from two volumes, 36 square miles and 43, people in to forty-two volumes, square miles and roughly 3 million people by As the Sanborn company informed the insurance companies about the quality of buildings they also left a permanent impression of the shapes of communities in certain time frames.

In many ways these maps trace the footprints of development in Los Angeles. The atlases are both practical and beautiful in their original format of color renderings showing building materials, structural qualities and special features that are coded by the hue. Adobe is evident alongside codes for apartments, family dwellings, fire hydrants, chimneys, car-houses and such. The importance of such detail is vital today for present day planners finding materials that might cause environmental problems in the here and now.

Urban planners, developers, conservationists, students and architects study these atlases to determine if an oil well, sewer outlet, slaughterhouse, refinery or waste dump may have occupied their site in a past time. Indeed, the city requires builders to check Sanborn atlases before they build on their sites.

However, some folks just like to look and learn about the old neighborhoods. There is great aesthetic pleasure in scanning the old sheets and allowing the imagination to take over.

Beverly Park and its pony ride are there, likewise the old zoo where kids fed the elephants and the Normal school standing where Central Library is today are all part of the Sanborn lore.

It may seem hard to imagine the Los Angeles of dusty roads and hoofbeats but here it is frozen in time on the Sanborn sheets. The city of the angels was small and diversified with cracker Companies, flour mills, wineries, stock brokerages and baseball fields all rubbing shoulders in the Sanborn's domain. Unfamiliar streets criss-cross the metro area: for example Fort street, New High, Rock, Walters, Teed , Sainseven and others now faded from memory.

Churches, hotels, orphan asylums, old Chinatown and even U. Central Library owns the collection of Sanborn Fire Insurance Atlases in the Library of Congress on microfilm which extends up and down the entire state of California giving us views of everything from old gold camps to our home towns in the s.

Not all time frames are included on the film but in an optimal example of coverage in downtown Los Angeles we can see the old burg in , , , , , , , , , and Although Sanborn atlases do not identify owners of homes or businesses they do name most public buildings, show all structures on the lots and present streets in exact dimensions.

At Central library, patrons can view Sanborn atlases on microfilm or use the on-line Sanborn atlas resource or be referred to Sanborn's parent company EDR for reproductions.. In the History Department, Sanborn Atlases, historic photographs , city directories and citations from the California Subject Index can help patrons unlock the secret treasures of Los Angeles neighborhoods and bring back to life a time gone by.

This gift from the Historic Resources Group was made to the Los Angeles Public Library in June of and gives the History department a complete set of specimens for the entire city. The History Department has the entire state of California in this set which represents a time frame from to The 72 reels are cataloged under the number NR A guide to Sanborns is available at the Reference Desk which should be used to find which reel contains the atlases appropriate to the site desired.

There is now a second set of Sanborns available under the number NR These black, plastic boxes are shelved after the early Sanborns in the microfilm drawers at the far end of the reading room. There are 40 volumes covering Los Angeles proper so first the patron must determine the volume covering the requested site or area.

The online resource does not have as much coverage as the microfilm reels available in the History department of Central Library. However, it does offer extensive coverage from the late nineteenth century up to in some cases. Sometimes as many as four separate versions of sites might be represented in the sets on-line Remote access is available to patrons holding valid Los Angeles Public Library cards.

Or users who wish to search certain neighborhoods can use the PDF file of a Thomas guide graphically showing volume numbers of given areas. Sanborn Index. Scroll down and click on Sanborn Maps Dates listed do not include every year of range but only year of original publishing or year the atlas was corrected to in the range.

The time frame listed as Jan. In using the on-line Sanborn collection there is no available street index to determine locations in the forty-two volumes covering city limits.

The following list is a loose checklist of Los Angeles neighborhoods and the volumes covering those locations. Sanborns in L. How to Find Them There are 40 volumes covering Los Angeles proper so first the patron must determine the volume covering the requested site or area.

Check the large Sanborn Master Address Index at the desk for the volume number and sheet number for the needed site. If you need an area or neighborhood or are unsure of the address you can use the Thomas Guide index to Sanborns at the desk for the correct volume. Check in the Sanborn guide at the desk under the tabbed pages "Los Angeles" for the appropriate reel containing the volume needed after you have found the volume in step one: for example volume 8 for would be on reel There are also two copies ofthis guide on top of the microfishe cabinets behind the electronic island in the History reading room.

These volumes exist in their original form. The date of first issue is listed right after the volume number: for example vol. This time frame extends from to when the last volumes were completed. This set begins at the end of reel 20 and continues to reel As changes were made in the covered areas the changes were reflected by pastings which were applied by Sanborn representatives.

The final set of the Library of Congress are the corrected atlases as they looked in Most architects and urban planners need to look at this set which begins at reel 28 and continues to reel Disclaimer: Many areas of Los Angeles were not covered by Sanborn and regions of the city in the west San Fernando valley are almost totally ignored.

If addresses are not found in the Sanborn Address index and are not found in the Thomas Guide index you will not find them in this library. In some rare cases atlases can be found at California State University at Northridge where the best hard-copy collection of the atlases can be found. Many outlying cities are covered by their own Sanborn atlases and are listed in the Sanborn Guide under Cities in L.

Street indexes precede the cities on the reels. The appropriate reels for any city can be found in the Sanborn guide under "Checklist of California cities. Volume Numbers for Los Angeles Neighborhoods: A Rough Guide In using the on-line Sanborn collection there is no available street index to determine locations in the forty-two volumes covering city limits. Downtown: 1st street down to Washington Blvd.

Westeros Map

It is illustrated. Westeros is the premiere fansite for George R. They are canon - and the only maps to cover the far east to Asshai. A Song of Ice and Fire is a series of epic fantasy novels by the American novelist and screenwriter which includes old and new maps of the Ice and Fire world. Here s the first official world map of Game of Thrones, which I was commissioned to illustrated for the Lands of Ice and Fire poster set for Random House. The Song of Ice and Fire is an epic series, and it was a privilege to create the map of the known world for the first. Still reeling from Sunday.

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A Games of Thrones Official Maps. of Thrones – Maps. A Song of Ice and Fire: Book One. George R. R. Martin DOWNLOAD MAPS AS PDF. – A Game of.

Random House

If you want to go to the very first post on the Atlas of Ice and Fire, click here. Malazan Book of the Fallen Atlas. Wheel of Time Atlas. Forgotten Realms Atlas. How big is the world anyway?

We've seen a lot of fan-made maps that try to capture the geography of George R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, but none have been quite so detailed as this monstrous map by one serMountainGoat — a map so thorough, it's impressed Martin himself.

A Dance of Fire and Ice by fizzd, giacomopc, Kyle

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Political maps - The World of Ice and Fire - A Forum of

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