Side effects of chemo and radiation in breast cancer treatment pdf

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side effects of chemo and radiation in breast cancer treatment pdf

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Chemotherapy is an aggressive form of chemical drug therapy meant to destroy rapidly growing cells in the body. A doctor who specializes in cancer treatment is known as an oncologist. Chemotherapy is often used in combination with other therapies, such as surgery, radiation, or hormone therapy.


Cancer treatments may have many side effects. A side effect occurs when treatment damages healthy cells. Side effects can be different for each person, and for different medicines and kinds of treatment. They may be able to help you manage them external icon in a variety of ways. Neutropenia is common after receiving chemotherapy. You will be checked for neutropenia during treatment.


Radiation therapy to the breast can cause some side effects. Some begin during treatment. Others may occur months or even years later. Your provider may be able to suggest a hospital social worker, patient navigator, psychologist or support group to help ease anxiety related to radiation therapy or breast cancer. With any standard radiation therapy, you will not be radioactive when you leave the radiation treatment center. You will not pose any radiation risk to your family, including your pets.

Postoperative radiation therapy RT and chemotherapy,both reduces the risk of local recurrence and extends overall survival in patients with breast cancer BC. Concerns have, however, been raised about the risk of acute and chronic side effects in breast cancer survivors as the number of treated individuals is large and their expected survival is long compared to most patients with other malignant diseases. Cardiac toxicity, reproductive dysfunction, pneumonitis RP ,arm lymph edema, neuropathy, skin changes are examples of the wide range of complications that has been associated with adjuvant treatment. Late effects of cancer treatment in breast cancer can be attributed to both chemotherapy and radiotherapy RT. Chemotherapy-induced cardiovascular toxicity may include cardiomyopathy with or without overt congestive heart failure CHF , endothelial dysfunction, and arrhythmias. RT-induced cardiovascular toxicity may include coronary artery disease CAD , valvular disease, chronic pericardial disease, arrhythmias and conduction disturbances, cardiomyopathy, or carotid artery stenosis. Trastuzumab therapy is associated with a specific type of cardiac dysfunction, which differs in many respects from anthracycline-induced myocardial damage.

A medical oncologist: a doctor who uses chemotherapy and other side effects, with your doctors to help make the decision that best fits your needs. It's cancer, the large size of the tumor, previous treatment with radiation,​org/professionals/physician_gls/pdf/ on July 3,

Radiotherapy for breast cancer

Also known as radiotherapy, radiation therapy uses a controlled dose of radiation to kill cancer cells or damage them so they cannot grow, multiply or spread. The radiation is usually in the form of x-ray beams. You will usually start radiation therapy within eight weeks of surgery.

Being prepared and understanding radiation therapy can help lessen some of the stress surrounding your treatment. Ask your oncologist, doctor or nurse about the risks and benefits of radiation therapy and any other questions you have about your treatment. Radiation therapy uses x-rays to destroy or injure cancer cells so they cannot multiply.

Radiation therapy for breast cancer

Late effects of cancer treatment in breast cancer survivors

The primary goal of breast cancer management is to achieve optimal oncologic outcomes, and a very close secondary goal is to preserve cosmesis when possible. Two main treatment paradigms to achieve this cosmetic goal include breast conservation therapy BCT as well as mastectomy followed by reconstructive surgery. BCT for invasive disease typically includes a local surgery i. ALND , and whole breast irradiation. Surgical techniques have improved over time as has radiotherapy planning and delivery. Similarly, radiotherapy factors affecting cosmesis include volume irradiated, breast and tumor bed dose, as well as dose distribution and homogeneity 1. An additional French boost trial utilized a 10 Gy electron boost, which is the modality and dose commonly prescribed today.

Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill cancer cells or slow their growth. It may be called systemic treatment because the drugs circulate throughout the bloodstream. Different types of chemotherapy drugs are used to treat early and locally advanced breast cancer. The choice of drug will depend on the type of cancer, how far it has spread and what other treatments you are having.

Chemotherapy for breast cancer uses drugs to target and destroy breast cancer cells. These drugs are usually injected directly into a vein through a needle or taken by mouth as pills. Chemotherapy for breast cancer frequently is used in addition to other treatments, such as surgery, radiation or hormone therapy. Chemotherapy can be used to increase the chance of a cure, decrease the risk of the cancer returning, alleviate symptoms from the cancer or help people with cancer live longer with a better quality of life. If the cancer has recurred or spread, chemotherapy may control the breast cancer to help you live longer.

Short-term side effects

For those with early breast cancer, chemotherapy is usually given after breast surgery called adjuvant chemotherapy , but before radiation therapy. Adjuvant chemotherapy helps lower the risk of breast cancer recurrence by getting rid of cancer cells that might still be in the body. These cells are too small to see on scans or to measure with lab tests. Learn more about getting chemotherapy. Sometimes, chemotherapy is used before surgery called neoadjuvant or preoperative chemotherapy. Learn more about neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy often abbreviated to chemo and sometimes CTX or CTx is a type of cancer treatment that uses one or more anti-cancer drugs chemotherapeutic agents as part of a standardized chemotherapy regimen. Chemotherapy may be given with a curative intent which almost always involves combinations of drugs , or it may aim to prolong life or to reduce symptoms palliative chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is one of the major categories of the medical discipline specifically devoted to pharmacotherapy for cancer , which is called medical oncology. The term chemotherapy has come to connote non-specific usage of intracellular poisons to inhibit mitosis cell division or induce DNA damage , which is why inhibition of DNA repair can augment chemotherapy. The development of therapies with specific molecular or genetic targets, which inhibit growth-promoting signals from classic endocrine hormones primarily estrogens for breast cancer and androgens for prostate cancer are now called hormonal therapies.

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Radiation therapy for breast cancer


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