Water conflict between india and pakistan pdf

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water conflict between india and pakistan pdf

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Indus Waters Treaty 1960

Legal and political considerations make flouting the Indus Water Treaty easier said than done. Besides using the abrogation of Article during campaigns for the recently-concluded assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi furthered his nationalist rhetoric, promising the Haryana electorate that he would stop the flow of the Indus River into Pakistan, and instead redirect its waters into the state. Tensions between the two neighbours have become increasingly strained since the decision to split Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories—diplomatic ties have been downgraded, foreign envoys have been sent back, and bilateral trade has also reduced. However, this is not the first instance that the Indus Water Treaty IWT has been threatened during times of increased tension. Through this reading list, we provide a historical background to the IWT, examine if it has successfully mediated conflicts arising due to water security, and also investigate the legal implications of India attempting to exit the treaty. When undivided India was partitioned in , the Indus river system was effectively cut into two.

Pakistan could be water scarce by The fact that the seriousness of this danger was not well known within the Pakistani populous for so long is unsurprising, as the warnings of water security experts have been largely ignored. Both of these events catalyzed public outcry and brought the severity of the situation into mainstream discussion. These events successfully created awareness amongst the public regarding the severity of the crisis Pakistan faces. The general public has yet to understand what the water crisis is, how it is to be defined, what its causes are, and where the solutions lie. This paper will attempt to remedy this. Part One of this paper will address international transboundary water sharing challenges in the Indus Basin between Pakistan and India.

Access options available:. These wars and conflicts were the outcome of unlimited desires of mankind to conquer and control the natural resources. Water remained one of these natural resources which caused a number of wars. Most of the great civilizations emerged and flourished around the great rivers like Sindh, Euphrates, Nile and Ganges etc. Water, which once was used for irrigation and domestic purpose only, with the passage of time, has become a very important component of industrial growth in the modern world. Production of different commodities requires the consumption of water also. His interests are democratization and Pakistani politics.

A Look into the Conflict Between India and Pakistan over Kashmir

Strikingly, the territory of nations falls within international basins and more than 30 countries are located almost entirely within these basins. In all, there are international basins. The high level of interdependence is illustrated by the number of countries sharing each international basin see table ; the dilemmas posed by basins like the Danube, shared by 19 European countries, or the Nile, shared by 11 African countries, can easily be imagined. The only problem with this scenario is a lack of evidence. Nevertheless, the war broke out less than a year later.

The Ebb and Flow of Water Conflicts: A Case Study of India and Pakistan

Imagining Industan pp Cite as. A growing body of evidence suggests that domestic water conflicts are not only more prevalent and violent than water conflicts at the international level, they can also have regional and international implications. Using India and Pakistan as a case study, this chapter explores how water conflicts within these two countries affect water relations between them. The chapter uses two forms of research.

We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Across the world, climate change is sparking conflict as people struggle over dwindling resources. The fight over water could quickly escalate between India and Pakistan — and both have nuclear arms.

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