States of matter gases and liquids class 11 notes pdf

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states of matter gases and liquids class 11 notes pdf

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A given substance may occur in solid, liquid or gaseous phase depending upon the relative value of two tendencies namely mutual attraction MA and escaping tendency ET. Out of the three states of matter, the most simplest one is the gaseous state. The state is characterized by sensitivity of volume change with change of pressure and temperature. It is due to large distance between molecules as compared to their own dimensions. There exist weak Vander Waal's forces, molecules move independent of each other with speed about ms

States of Matter Class 11 Notes Chemistry Chapter 5

This interaction is stronger than the London forces but is weaker than ion-ion interaction because only partial charges are involved. The attractive forces decrease with the increase of distance between dipoles. Ion-Dipole Interaction: This is the force of attraction which exists between the ions cations or anions and polar molecules. The ion is attracted towards the oppositely charged end of dipolar molecules. The strength of attraction depends upon the charge and size of the ion and the dipole moment and the size of the polar molecule.

At constant temperature the pressure of Name the term used for the mixing of different gases by random molecular motion and frequent collision. The pressure that each individual gas would exert if it were alone in the container, what do we call it as? When a gas is heated the particles move more quickly. What is the change in the volume of a heated gas if the pressure is kept constant?

States of Matter Notes Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 5 Download in P

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States of Matter Notes Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 5 Download in P Measurable properties of gases: P,V, T, n, Viscosity, specific heat are some measurable Vapour pressure: The equilibrium pressure by vapour of liquid in a container at.

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Everything is made of matter. Some things are made of just one kind of matter, but most everyday items are made of a mixture of materials. This unit provides a solid foundation for introducing the principles of chemistry. It allows students to explore what makes up each kind of matter as well as the results that can come from combining matter. Name the physical states in which almost all matter exists.

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