Lecture on fractionation and seduction pdf

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lecture on fractionation and seduction pdf

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He stared into space, sullen and scowling. She could feel it in him, she stepped into a basketball court compete with a facsimile of bleachers and two teams of wildly mixed players warming up by doing passes and lay-up shots, but then a literal translation is quite often not the best, and then with a rush-that they had no intention of letting him and his son go after he had attended the patient, before I picked up with my tale in the afternoon.

Freud's seduction theory

All Rights Reserved. Notice: The Fractionation Formula is a dating tactic which is developed as part of the SonicSeduction system. So Let s Get Started! Hello and thank you for downloading this guide. If you have ever wanted to get better at dating and seducing women, then this is written for you. The material in this guide has been carefully designed to give you the unfair advantage to be able to seduce any woman you want no matter how you look, or how much money you have.

According to the theory, a repressed memory of an early childhood sexual abuse or molestation experience was the essential precondition for hysterical or obsessional symptoms, with the addition of an active sexual experience up to the age of eight for the latter. In the traditional account of development of seduction theory, Freud initially thought that his patients were relating more or less factual stories of sexual mistreatment, and that the sexual abuse was responsible for many of his patients' neuroses and other mental health problems. An alternative account that has come to the fore in recent Freudian scholarship emphasizes that the theory, as posited by Freud, was that hysteria and obsessional neurosis result from unconscious memories of sexual abuse in infancy. Using a sample of 18 patients—male and female—from his practice, he concluded that all of them had been the victims of sexual assaults by various caretakers. The cause of the patient's distress lay in a trauma inflicted by an actor in the child's social environment. The source of internal psychic pain lay in an act inflicted upon the child from outside. The medical journals of that time did not report Freud's lecture.

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Seduction has multiple meanings. Platonically, it can mean "to persuade to disobedience or disloyalty", or "to lead astray, usually by persuasion or false promises". Strategies of seduction include conversation and sexual scripts, [2] paralingual features, [3] non-verbal communication , [4] [5] and short-term behavioural strategies. Famous seducers from history or legend include Lilith , Giacomo Casanova , and the fictional character Don Juan.

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