Nine and a half weeks elizabeth mcneill pdf

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nine and a half weeks elizabeth mcneill pdf

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Nine and a half weeks

By Elizabeth McNeill. Unlike The Story of O, Nine and a Half Weeks is not a novel or fantasy; it is a true account of an episode in the life of a real woman. Elizabeth McNeill was an executive for a large corporation when she began an affair with a man she met casually. From the beginning, their sexual excitement escalates through domination and humiliation.

As the affair progresses, woman and man play out ever more dangerous and more elaborate sado-masochistic variations. By the end, she has relinquished all control over her body and mind. With a cool detachment that makes the experiences and sensations she describes all the more frightening in their intensity, Elizabeth McNeill beautifully unfolds her story and invites you to experience the mesmerizing, electrifying, and unforgettablly private world of Nine and a Half Weeks. The first time we were in bed together he held my hands pinned down above my head.

I liked it. I liked him. He was moody in a way that struck me as romantic; he was funny, bright, interesting to talk to; and he gave me pleasure. The second time he picked my scarf up off the floor where I had dropped it while getting undressed, smiled, and said, Would you let me blindfold you? No one had blindfolded me in bed before and I liked it. The third time he repeatedly brought me within a hairs-breadth of coming. When I was beside myself yet again and he stopped once more, I heard my voice, disembodied above the bed, pleading with him to continue.

He obliged. I was beginning to fall in love. The fourth time, when I was aroused enough to be fairly oblivious, he used the same scarf to tie my wrists together.

That morning, he had sent thirteen roses to my office. She lives downtown and there is a street fair in her neighborhood. Better do it, then, says a voice close to my left ear, and soon, too. Somebody else will have bought and washed it before she hears you in this noise. I whisk around and give the man directly behind me an annoyed look, then face forward again and attempt to catch up with my friend. The mob has slowed down from a slow shuffle to no movement at all.

Directly before me are three children under six, all with dripping Italian ices, the woman to my right waves a falafel with dangerous gusto, a guitarist has joined the drummer and their audience stands enthralled, immobile with food and fresh air and goodwill. This is a street fair, the first of the season, says the voice at my left ear. People get to talk to strangers, what would be the point, otherwise? I still think you should go back and get it, whatever it is.

Just a mangy shawl, I say, nothing much. But now there is no place to go. We stand, facing each other, and smile. He is not wearing sunglasses and squints down at me; his hair falls across his forehead. His face turns attractive when he talks, even more so when he smiles; he probably takes lousy photos, I think, at least if he insists on being serious in front of a camera. He wears a frayed, pale pink shirt, rolled up at the sleeves; the khaki pants are baggy—not gay, anyway, I think; the way pants fit is one of the few remaining, if not always reliable, ways of telling—tennis shoes without socks.

She lives down here. My name is. Tonight he is cooking dinner at his apartment. We are in the kitchen, talking while he makes a salad. He has refused my offers of help, has poured a glass of wine for each of us, and has just asked me if I have any brothers or sisters, when the phone rings. Well, no, he says. There is a long silence while he grimaces at me and shakes his head. Finally he explodes: "Oh, Christ! All right, come on over. I hate the idea of killing a couple of hours, period, I wish I had some work with me.

Take your pick, he says, all you want, help yourself, holding his briefcase toward me eagerly, making me laugh. All right, I say. He beams. Thanks, I say, and he.

Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous. Carousel Next. What is Scribd? Find your next favorite book Become a member today and read free for 30 days Start your free 30 days. Create a List. Download to App. Ratings: Rating: 3. Length: pages 2 hours. Description The classic erotic memoir of an intense and haunting relationship that spawned the film.

Personal Memoirs. Home Books Personal Memoirs. About the author EM. She was an editor at Ms. She died in at the age of seventy. Related authors. Related to Nine and a Half Weeks. Related Categories. Activity Books. Prose Chapter 1 The first time we were in bed together he held my hands pinned down above my head. Start your free trial. Page 1 of 1. I loved the movie with actor Mickey Rourke.

After discovering this was based on a true story, i decided to read the book. The book is more in depth about their love affair compared to the movie.

But both the movie and book were good. The ending to this story will forever stay in my mind and the events that she experienced during the love affair. This could happen to any woman. Curious as to the BDSM trend in recent years and the popularity of these titles, I decided to read this book after being disappointed with 50 shades. Keep in mind that this a true story memoir.

What I found remarkable overall was the candid voice of the narrator, her honest, at times quite rational, explanation of her experiences, without regard to the shock and condemnation she risks eliciting in the reader. The fact that this was written in the mid seventies makes her 'I don't care how you perceive me' attitude all the more admirable. Her prose, although at times erratic, is for the most part poetic and impassioned. One cannot escape the feeling that she is writing this for herself, searching for whatever is inside her to have made her submissive love affair so all consuming.

I also was intrigued with the way she presented her lover, whose name we never learn, and who is only exposed through his habits and his short dialogues. An in-depth profile of him is also cleverly presented when she rummages through his doors and describes his clothes and possessions, a potent method of giving a stark picture of him and adding depth to his persona. During the course of their relationship, she comes to a personal revelation that her submission is liberating, resulting in an unmatched satisfaction and euphoria.

Her emotional breakdown at the end is not surprising given that the author has had previous bouts of depression, and the trigger could have been the realization that she will never experience something so intense again. The most fucked-up book I've ever read. I can't say I recommend it. At the same time, it was interesting from the psychological perspective. This review contains some spoilers. I loved this book, so it was hard for me to shut up about it!

The events in the book take place in the s when Elizabeth was an executive for a large corporation. During her daytime hours she is an independent, successful, liberated woman, while at night she relinquishes her control to him and longs to be dominated, hurt, and helpless. The glimpses of their relationship that Elizabeth shares with us are fascinating. She tells us in one chapter everything he did for her. He cooked all the meals, fed her, bathed her, dressed her, brushed her hair, took care of her laundry, lit and helped her smoke cigarettes, turned the pages of her book, and yes, even inserted and removed her tampons.

Nine and a Half Weeks: A Memoir of a Love Affair

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I liked it. I liked him. He was moody in a way that struck me as romantic; he was funny, bright, interesting to talk to; and he gave me pleasure. The third time he repeatedly brought me within a hairsbreadth of coming. When I was beside myself yet again and he stopped once more, I heard my voice, disembodied above the bed, pleading with him to continue. He obliged. I was beginning to fall in love.

Blonde, with full sensuous lips and a certain subtle luminescence to her skin, she projects an air of sexuality mixed with an almost childlike vulnerability that reminds some viewers of Marilyn Monroe. She seemed terrified inside. As shot, the film, from the novel of the same name by Elizabeth McNeill, contains some explicit scenes with none-too-subtle overtones of sado-masochism, as the two engage in sexual games that become more and more uncontrolled. Elizabeth finally calls a halt and they separate. The controversial subject matter and the more explicit sado-masochism in some of the scenes proved so alienating to preview audiences that the film was severely cut, and its opening repeatedly delayed. There appears also to have been some tension on the set, according to Adrian Lyne, the film's director, about the method he used to elicit the performance he deemed necessary from Miss Basinger. People watching the shooting, he said, who did not understand the rationale behind the approach, sometimes became disturbed at the intensity of the emotions the actress and director displayed - from rage to despair - as they worked together.

Nine and a Half Weeks : A Memoir of a Love Affair

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This is a love story so unusual, so passionate, so extreme in its psychology and sexuallity that it takes the readers breath away. AugustSeptember , Length: 62 pages, Page: 1, Published: I remember when Officer Jim Shields was killed in the line of duty. As with our nation s coinage, the Secretary of the Treasury usually selects the designs shown on United States currency.

Day thinks of faking an upset stomach, a leg cramp, a missed appointment, but there is no escaping this encounter. Now tell me all about it, what kind of book are you writing? But what I discovered raised more questions than answers—which is likely what Day would have wanted. I liked it.

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