Jamaica charter of fundamental rights and freedoms pdf

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jamaica charter of fundamental rights and freedoms pdf

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This paper aims to expose the challenges facing the attempt by Jamaica to introduce a new digital ID system without adequate regard to public consultation and the rights of citizens. The method used is critical text analysis and policy analysis, providing background and relevant factors leading up to the legislative changes under review. Extensive literature sources were consulted and the relevant sections of the Jamaican constitution referenced and analysed.

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This drastic suggestion came at the heels of a staggering intentional homicide rate. Jamaica has the sixth-highest intentional homicide rate in the world, at 46 per , If any democratic government seeks to impose such draconian legislation, especially such a politically reprehensible one, it must be able to support its decision with overwhelming reasons confirming that suspending constitutional rights will actually diminish radical violence. Therefore, this infringement of basic rights can only be upheld through a State of Emergency if its measures of success can be immediately quantifiable. The Holness Administration has not given enough justification for such a radical, unconstitutional measure that defies both Jamaican laws and international ideals. The Jamaican Constitution allows for some temporary suspension of rights upon the declaration of an official State of Emergency by the Governor General. However, this State of Emergency cannot last longer than fourteen days.

I A person- a who was born outside Jamaica before the sixth day of August ; b who was not before the 1st day of March , entitled to Jamaican citizenship by virtue of any provisions of this Constitution in force before that date; and c whose father or mother, on the sixth day of August , became or would but for his or her death have become a citizen of Jamaica in accordance with subsection 1 of section 3, shall become a citizen of Jamaica on the 1st day of March Every person born outside Jamaica shall become a citizen of Jamaica - a on the sixth day of August, , in the case of a person born before that date; or b on the date of his birth, in the case of a person born on or after the sixth day of August, , if, at that date, his father or mother is a citizen of Jamaica by birth, descent or registration by virtue of marriage to a citizen of Jamaica. Parliament may make provision- … b prescribing the grounds on which and the procedure whereby a person may be deprived of his citizenship of Jamaica; c for the renunciation by any person of his citizenship of Jamaica. There shall be a Governor-General of Jamaica who shall be appointed by Her Majesty and shall hold office during Her Majesty's pleasure and who shall be Her Majesty's representative in Jamaica. The House of Representatives shall consist of persons who, being qualified for election as members in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, have been so elected in the manner provided by or under any law for the time being in force in Jamaica and who shall be known as "Members of Parliament". Subject to the provisions of section 40 of this Constitution, any person, who at the date of his appointment or nomination for election- a is a Commonwealth citizen of the age of twenty one years or upwards; and b has been ordinarily resident in Jamaica for the immediately preceding twelve months, shall be qualified to be appointed as a Senator or elected as a member of the House of Representatives and no other person shall be so qualified. Subject to the provisions of sections 49 and 50 of this Constitution, if any other law is inconsistent with this Constitution, this Constitution shall prevail and the other law shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void.

Constitution of Jamaica

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Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms

Rejected by their families and communities, many LGBT Jamaicans live on the streets, where they face violence and harassment. Gay and transgender children and young adults are particularly vulnerable. Bisexual: Sexual orientation of a person who is sexually and romantically attracted to both women and men. Butch: Masculine gender expression; a popular term within lesbian and transgender communities to describe lesbians whose gender expression is masculine.

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