Between you and me confessions of a comma queen pdf

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between you and me confessions of a comma queen pdf

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Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen by Mary Norris review – lifting grammar off the page

Let me clue you in. The first editors to comment were developmental editors. Their job is to look broadly at character, plot, story arc, themes. Like novels, memoirs must satisfy in all of these categories. When I handed in my drafts, I was nervous about what these editors might say, and also eager to address their concerns.

And if you read this blog post, chances are you love to read as well. I read both fiction and nonfiction, but generally prefer books that entertain me rather than tax my brain. Morris has great credentials. She began working at The New Yorker in Her book got a fair amount of publicity, and I was sure I would love it. What could be more fun than commas!

Mary Norris has worked for The New Yorker since , mostly as a copywriter. In Between You and Me , Norris writes about her love of grammar and how she managed to score her dream job. In later chapters, Norris explores burning questions like who put the hyphen in Moby-Dick and why are there so many commas in so much of our writing. The comma was invented by Aldo Manuzio, a Venice printer, in Over time, Norris is convinced that people insert too many commas in much of their writing. Norris analyzes how Emily Dickinson used dashes in her poetry and how Henry James used colons and semi-colons so effectively.

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New York: W. Norton, Reviewers of the book on Amazon. And its coverage of usage matters is too selective to make it a comprehensive guide on grammar and style. Working for the stylistically tory New Yorker commits Norris professionally to the school of prescriptivism, a school of language use that defines itself against descriptivism.

Comma Queen

On Friday, March 23, from to a. Norris, in her career at The New Yorker as a proofreader, editor, and writer, has accumulated many stories about her experiences with writers and editors as well as tremendous knowledge and insight into the issues surrounding usage and style. I should note here that although Norris also staunchly advocates the Oxford comma huzzah! All of her stories, however, are told with humor and understanding of the foibles of others using our very complicated language.

The first job I ever had, the summer I was fifteen, was checking feet at a public pool in Cleveland. I never knew what that was supposed to mean. I was not in charge of any keys, and my position was by no means crucial to the operation of the pool, although I did clean the bathrooms.

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Another plug for the serial comma

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