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cell membrane function and structure pdf

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The Cell Membrane

Cell membranes are an essential component of the cell, providing separation between the intracellular and extracellular environment. They are composed of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates. In this article we shall consider the main functions of the cell membrane, the composition of membranes and clinical conditions in which a portion of the cell membrane is abnormal. The membrane bilayer contains many kinds of phospholipid molecules, with different sized head and tail molecules. Phospholipid molecules are therefore amphipathic — being both hydrophilic and hydrophobic.

Integrated Molecular and Cellular Biophysics pp Cite as. The cell membrane or plasma membrane is a thin closed sheet that fulfils a double role: a morphological — delimitates the cell from its external microenvironment and confines all of its subcellular organelles; b functional — regulates the exchange of substance between internal and external media, maintains actively the ionic asymmetry between its sides, and intermediates internalization or externalization of physical and chemical signals important for cell functions. The plasma membrane undergoes continual changes both in its molecular composition and its structure i. It plays an important role in the economy of the cell, exerting a selective control on the entire traffic of ions, water, and molecules. The membrane is involved also in intake endocytosis and secretion exocytosis of large particles. For example, macrophages , involved in the immune defence system, are able to engulf and destroy microbes and other foreign particles, this complex cellular process being called phagocytosis see chapter 4.

Despite differences in structure and function, all living cells in multicellular organisms have a surrounding cell membrane. As the outer layer of your skin separates your body from its environment, the cell membrane also known as the plasma membrane separates the inner contents of a cell from its exterior environment. This cell membrane provides a protective barrier around the cell and regulates which materials can pass in or out. Cholesterol is also present, which contributes to the fluidity of the membrane, and there are various proteins embedded within the membrane that have a variety of functions. The phosphate heads are thus attracted to the water molecules of both the extracellular and intracellular environments.

Cell Membrane: Structure and Physical Properties

Cell membrane , also called plasma membrane , thin membrane that surrounds every living cell , delimiting the cell from the environment around it. Outside the cell, in the surrounding water-based environment, are ions , acids , and alkalis that are toxic to the cell, as well as nutrients that the cell must absorb in order to live and grow. The cell membrane, therefore, has two functions: first, to be a barrier keeping the constituents of the cell in and unwanted substances out and, second, to be a gate allowing transport into the cell of essential nutrients and movement from the cell of waste products. Cell membranes are composed primarily of fatty-acid-based lipids and proteins. Membrane lipids are principally of two types, phospholipids and sterols generally cholesterol. Both types share the defining characteristic of lipids—they dissolve readily in organic solvents—but in addition they both have a region that is attracted to and soluble in water. Membrane proteins are also of two general types.

Structure and. Function. Cell Membrane. Cellular Transport Notes. About Cell Membranes. 1. All cells have a cell membrane. 2. Functions: a.

The Cell Membrane

Cells exclude some substances, take in others, and excrete still others, all in controlled quantities. The plasma membrane must be very flexible to allow certain cells, such as red and white blood cells, to change shape as they pass through narrow capillaries. These are the more obvious plasma membrane functions. Among the most sophisticated plasma membrane functions is the ability for complex, integral proteins, receptors to transmit signals. These proteins act both as extracellular input receivers and as intracellular processing activators.

Phospholipid—the dynamic structure between living and non-living world; a much obligatory supramolecule for present and future[J]. Article views PDF downloads Cited by 0. Previous Article Next Article. Phospholipid—the dynamic structure between living and non-living world; a much obligatory supramolecule for present and future. Download PDF.

Biological membranes are key elements for the maintenance of cell architecture and physiology. Beyond a pure barrier separating the inner space of the cell from the outer, the plasma membrane is a scaffold and player in cell-to-cell communication and the initiation of intracellular signals among other functions. Critical to this function is the plasma membrane compartmentalization in lipid microdomains that control the localization and productive interactions of proteins involved in cell signal propagation. In addition, cells are divided into compartments limited by other membranes whose integrity and homeostasis are finely controlled, and which determine the identity and function of the different organelles. Here, we review current knowledge on membrane lipid composition in the plasma membrane and endomembrane compartments, emphasizing its role in sustaining organelle structure and function.

Cell membrane

1. Introduction

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