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plumbing questions and answers pdf

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Plumbing exams vary by state but most all states and local plumbing jurisdictions have adopted either the IPC or the UPC plumbing codes.

Each question will require you to pick one correct answer from a choice of four. Pre-Board examinations fall during this time. And as the name suggests, these exams are prelims conducted before Board examinations. They usually take place immediately after the winter vacations when the syllabus is complete.


What period was plumbing revived? In , a division of plumbing construction and inspection, with American Master Plumber 19 the city of Manila as a model, was headed by whom? JOHN F. When was the Rep. Act No. In residential areas having houses up to 4 storeys high, the 47 1.

The septic tank should be double compartment and should be 99 2. The complete RA No. It is made up of clay and also resistant to acids. This type of trap is used in many localities where venting is not required by local ordinances. The solid organic materials being more dense than water, tend to settle to the bottom of the tank Sludge.

A pipe or opening used for ensuring the circulation of air in a plumbing system and for reducing the pressure exerted on trap seal Vent Pipe. Water well yield is a factor considered to determine the size of: water pipe. A type of coupling or joining device having internal screw threads or nuts with opposite screws at the end. By turning the internal screws, it is possible to connect two metal rods Turnbackle and regulate the length and tension of this rods:.

The first section of water supply piping in a Water distributing pipe building after the water meter. A valve in which the flow of water is cut off by means of a circular disk that fits against the valve seat. The plane of movement of the disk is parallel to the normal direction of flow of Globe valve water, which is turned through a tortuous passage to direct the flow normal to the face of the disk.

What do you call a vertical pipe installed primarily for the purpose of providing circulation vent stack of air to and from any part of the drainage system? Minimum capacity, in cubic meters, of the secondary 1. Minimum dimension of a manhole access to a septic mm. Minimum length of the secondary compartment of a 1. Minimum distance of a water supply well from a septic Minimum distance of a water supply well from a A stop valve placed in the service pipe close to the Corporation Stop connection at the water main.

A vent with a function to provide circulation if air Relief Vent between drainage and vent system Flange used on a pipe to cover a hole or opening in a Escutcheon floor or wall which the pipe pass. Developed Length A valve used in a flush tank controlling the flushing of Flush Valve fixture.

Any liquid waste containing animal or vegetable Sewage matter in suspension or solution. Carbon Monoxide. Storm Sewer. Term applied to the interconnection of the same Battery of Fixtures fixtures in one soil or waste branch with one branch vent. Minimum size of a standpipe for a building in which the highest outlet is 23 meters or less from the fire service 4" connection.

Minimum size of a wet standpipe for a riser of more 4" than 15 meters from the source. Minimum height of a branch vent above the fixture it is 6" venting. It refers to an individual who worked in the sanitary Plumbarius field of ancient Rome. Plumbum A specially designed system of waste piping embodying the horizontal wet venting of one or more Combination Waste and sinks or floor drains by means of a common waste and Vent system vent pipe adequately sized to provide free movement of air above the flow line of the drain.

Receptacles intended to receive and discharge water, water-carried waste into a drainage Fixture system with which they are connected. Circuit Vent. Loop Vent. Barometer Best type of fire detection that can detect fire during Ionization the incipient stage. A faucet fitted with a nozzle curving downward used Bibbcock as a draw-off tap. Reference in measuring the depth of a trap seal of a Top Dip to Crown Weir trap. Double Bend Minimum size of trap and waste branch for a shower 2" stall.

Minimum size of trap and waste branch for a pedestal 3 urinal. Minimum head of water, in meters, required for each 3m section of plumbing for water test. How many days, at least, shall be given before any plumbing work inspection is done after written notice for 3 days inspection. Minimum time, in minutes, required for water to stay in the system or pipes for a water test without any leaks to satisfy 15 minutes said testing.

Minimum vertical distance from the bottom of water pipes to the top of sewer or drain pipe if laid in the same trench on mm top of the other. Minimum distance of water pipings from any regulating equipment, water heater, conditioning tanks, and similar mm equipment requiring union fittings. Minimum clearance in front of any cleanout in meters for mm pipes larger than 51 mm. Maximum distance of any underfloor cleanout from any 6. Minimum extension of a vent stack through roof above the 15 cms.

Minimum vertical distance of VSTR from above of any 0. Minimum vertical extension of VSTR from any roofdeck 2.

Minimum horizontal distance of any VSTR from a roofdeck used for other purposes aside from protection from 3. Minimum number of stories served by a waste stack 10 requiring a parallel ventstack.

An automatic device used for converting high, fluctuating Pressure Regulating Valve inlet water pressure to a lower constant pressure. The process of removing calcium and magnesium deposits Softening in water.

Washdown A type of water closet that is least efficient, subject to clogging, noisy, and use a simple washout action through a Washdown small irregular passageway. This type of water closet is similar to that of the siphon-jet except that it has a smaller trap passageway and smaller water Reverse Trap surface area, moderately noisy. A type of water closet that is noisy but highly efficient. Use only with flush Blowout valve, requires higher pressure. Water closet that is quiet, extremely sanitary, water is directed through the rim.

It scours bowl, folds over into jet; Siphon Vortex siphon. A water closet that is sanitary, efficient, and very quiet. A toilet bowl similar to the siphon-jet, but having the flushing water directed to the rim to create circular motion or Siphon Vortex vortex which scours the bowl. A toilet bowl in which the flushing water enters through the rim and a siphonic action initiated by a water jet draws the Siphon Jet contents of the bowl through the trapway.

A water closet similar to that of the siphon jet but with a Reverse Trap smaller water surface and trapway. This type of water closet is prohibited by some health Washdown codes The concussion and banging noise that results when a volume of water moving in a pipe suddenly stops or loses Water Hammer momentum.

A shutoff valve closed by lowering a wedge-shaped gate Gate Valve across the passage. A valve closed by a disk seating on an opening in an Globe Valve internal wall. Liquid sewage that has been treated in a septic tank or Effluent sewage treatment plant.

Spring Line. Cleanouts may be omitted on a horizontal drain less than 1. Pipe for water supply. Collection line of a plumbing system is sometimes House Drain referred to as. The first section of water supply piping in a building after the Water distributing pipe water meter.

Full bath A valve in which the flow of water is cut off by means of a circular disk that fits against the valve seat. The plane of movement of the disk is parallel to the normal direction of flow of water, which Globe valve is turned through a tortuous passage to direct the flow normal to the face of the disk.

A receptacle attached to a plumbing system other than a trap in which water or wastes may be collected or obtained for ultimate fixture into the plumbing system. Any group of two or more similar adjacent fixtures which Battery of fixtures discharge into a common horizontal waste or soil branch. Drainage, waste and vent A p-shaped trap commonly used on most plumbing fixtures Gooseneck except for fixture have integral trap.

Privy A water supply pipe that extends vertically one full storey or Riser more to convey water to fixture branches or group of fixtures.

A general term used for any vertical line of soil, waste or vent Stack piping. The water supply pipe provided by the water utility company Water main where local individual connection is done. The art and science of installing in buildings the pipes, fixtures and other apparatus for bringing in water supply and removing water plumbing and waterborne waste.

That part of the drainage system that extends from the end of the building drain and conveys its discharge to the public sewer, Building sewer private sewer, individual sewage disposal system or other appropriate point of disposal. A valve in which the flow of liquid is controlled by a rotating drilled ball that fits tightly against a resilient flexible seat in the Ball valve valve body.

A vertical length of soil or waste stack at least 8 feet in height a storey high , within which the horizontal branches from one storey or Branch interval floor of the building or structure are connected to the stack. A pipe connecting upward from a soil or waste stack below the floor and below the horizontal connection to an adjacent vent stack Yoke vent at a point above the floor and higher than the highest spill level of fixtures for preventing pressure changes in the stack.

A kind of return bend of small-sized faucet, one end of which is about one foot long and the other end is about three inches. It is commonly used as a faucet for pantry sink and drinking fountain. Also gooseneck the lead connection between the service pipe and the water main.

Also a p-trap. A watertight receptacle which the discharge of sanitary plumbing system or part thereof, designed and constructed to retain solids, digest organic matter through a period of detention and to allow the Septic tank liquids to discharge into the soil outside of the tank through a system of open jointed subsurface piping or seepage pit. A common measure of the probable discharge into the drainage system by various types of plumbing fixtures on the basis of one unit Drainage fixture unit of this being equal to a discarge rate of 7.

The installation of parts of the plumbing system which can be completed prior to installation of fixtures or finishing. This includes Roughing-in drainage, water supply and vent piping and necessary fixture supports. A fitting or device designed and constructed to provide, when properly vented, a liquid seal which prevents backflow and passage Trap of foul air and gases without materially affecting the flow of sewage or wastewater through it.

Plumbing Questions

First and primary technique to unclog the blockage is to pour hot water through the pipes. If the blockage still remains then, you need to use other options. The lowest point in a drainage system where the interior drainage pipe meet and are conveyed into the sewer is referred as Building Drain. This reaction will generate a lot of heat and dissolves the clogging substance, and clears the blockage. These chemical cause the organic material of the clog to lose an electron and become oxidized.

Q - Sometimes when when I flush the toilet it keeps running until I jiggle the handle. What should I do? A - It sounds as if the toilet flush handle gets stuck, causing the tank stopper to stay open. This allows the water in the tank to continuously flow into the bowl. Make an adjustment by oiling, tightening.

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Below are some multiple-choice questions pertaining to Plumbers. Circle the BEST possible answer for each question. 1. The fresh water supply, sewage lines​.

Plumber interview questions

Interview Guides Other Professions Plumbing. Plumbing Fittings Interview Preparation Guide Plumbing Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that Plumbing is the skilled trade of working with pipes, tubing and plumbing fixtures for drinking water systems and the drainage of waste. A plumber is someone who installs or repairs piping systems, plumbing fixtures and equipment such as water heaters. The plumbing industry is a basic and substantial part of every developed economy due to the need for clean water, proper collection and transport of wastes. Turn off electric power or gas before doing anything.

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Interview Guides Other Professions Plumbing. Plumbing Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that Plumbing is the skilled trade of working with pipes, tubing and plumbing fixtures for drinking water systems and the drainage of waste. A plumber is someone who installs or repairs piping systems, plumbing fixtures and equipment such as water heaters.


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