Analyzing and interpreting literature clep practice test pdf

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analyzing and interpreting literature clep practice test pdf

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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

If you have recently taken an exam and would like to share information on what worked well for you, please share it here. Please read the rules for the sub. CLEP exams are an easy and cheap way to gain college credits via a timed proficiency test in a variety of subjects. You can use them to skip over intro classes or quickly gain some credits satisfy a graduation requirement.

Please check out the wiki still under construction. I Passed! I don't consider myself to be out of the ordinary intelligent, and studied for a few hours the day before this test. I usually don't procrastinate that much, ever, but crazy busy weeks at work and 'regular' school took over all of my other time and then before I knew it, the test day was there. I am 30 and haven't had a whole lot of access to poetry, literary terms, and things of that nature since the last English class I took in high school.

This was my first CLEP test. I had trouble finding recent posts on the test and read that it had become 'way harder' in recent years so was kind of worried about what to expect.

Everyone's advice I read related to studying was right - study literary terms, read some poetry and familiarize yourself with basic poetry terms ie, couplet to make sure you're not diving in head first at the CLEP, and that's about as much as you can do. I also checked out an REA book on the exam from my local library which helped somewhat, but a lot of that information can be found online. I am not a fan of poetry and still found it manageable and really, not that bad at all.

You definitely have to be able to interpret literature as you read it, ie, zero in on clue words that support the question and answers you're being asked about, decipher themes and overall messages, etc. Apart from just being able to interpret literature, what helped me was studying the terms as you will get quite a few of questions related to these ie, hyperbole, paradox, alliteration, etc.

I wonder how people can determine it's become harder over years. I've heard the same thing. Can't imagine anyone would take it multiple times unless they fail, and I think you'd want to take it ASAP if that's the case.

Thank you! And yes, it's kind of a weird comparison to go off of "way harder than it used to be" considering most would be retaking the test closely after their initial try, but nonetheless, those comments had me wondering and freaking out a bit. If you need some more easy credits, I assume you've been voting as long as I have so American Gov't is a good way to go.

Thought it would be more in depth but you might get away with just as much studying as with this one if you have a basic understanding of American politics. Honestly, I heard about them once or twice when I was leaving high school and tell everyone I can about them. It has been about 7 years since and nobody I talk to has heard of them. For most Cleps you can get by with a basic understanding of terms, information, and a bit of educated guessing. DSSTs on the other hand are a bit more in depth where you will need a better than average base line knowledge I'd say.

I just took the Fundamentals of Counseling and that was quite a bit harder than I was expecting even after studying for 3 weeks.

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Create an account. Anyway, congrats!

Free Practice Test: CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

All rights reserved. Approximately one-third of all CLEP candidates are military service members. CLEP participants have received college credit for knowledge and expertise they have gained through prior course work, independent study or work and life experience. Over the years, the CLEP examinations have evolved to keep pace with changing curricula and pedagogy. Typically, the examinations represent material taught in introductory college-level courses from all areas of the college curriculum.

CLEP is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature. 2. Copyright © ​.

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Principles of Supervision has a higher pass rate and most people find it easier than Principles of Management, so consider taking that one first. CLEP Exams. There are people … Reading is my first love.

CLEP Exam Prep


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Time 90 Minutes 80 Questions For each question below, choose the best answer from the choices given. Directions: Questions 1 5 are based on the following passage. Literature , Interpreting , Analyzing , Clep , Clep analyzing and interpreting literature. Link to this page:. What does the speaker compare to the vultures cry line 6?


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